Globecom Jukebox

An open source MP3 jukebox that is perfect for home, office or car use. You're probably familiar with MP3 files and perhaps already have a collection of music in MP3 format that you play on a desktop computer using Winamp, MusicMatch or similar. So why consider an MP3 jukebox ?

  1. A Jukebox will place all your MP3 files in a central location. It's easier to catalog, locate and play the files from a single point of access if you use a dedicated Jukebox.
  2. You can put the Jukebox in a closet and run it without a monitor. You can listen to your music even when your PC is turned off but can still control is from your PC when you want to.
  3. You can have a single Jukebox serving music to the entire office or house.
  4. You can put the Jukebox near the stereo and take the soundcard output direct to your high quality stereo amp.
  5. The Jukebox runs on Linux. After your PC running Winamp crashes for the third time that day, you will appreciate a music system that runs for months or years without interruption.

Still not convinced ? Here are some more reasons.

Why use Globecom Jukebox

There are plenty of MP3 jukeboxen out there. In no particular order here are the features of GJukebox and the reason they're significant

Installation instructions